International Business Center

Office Pricings

Located in the Heart of Santa Ana.

900 N. Broadway, Santa Ana CA 92701

Why Choose Us?

We provide quality service and space for a very competitive price.

Parking is Available

There are 155 total parking spaces with a parking ratio of 2.7:1. All tenants will have parking priority for all employees. Parking spaces are limited so please let us know if you want to include parking.

Office Spaces

Office leasing sizes can range from 200 to 5,200 square feet. Options includes leasing a whole floor, a suite, cubicle area, and conference room. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.

Cleaning Service

Our service includes our daily cleaning service for all our tenants. We will clean out the whole office once a week making sure you are in a great working environment. Our cleaners work during non office hours to make sure we do not cause any disturbance.

Pricing Options

Type Price
Flexible Space From $1.20 per square foot/Month
Cubicle From $200 per cubicle/Month
Suite From $400 per Suite/Month

*All prices are starting prices and are subject to change.


Getting in touch.

For more information about prices, options, and open spaces, please call or email us.